Viewed zoologically, we Homo Sapiens are a culture-bearing upright-walking species that lives on the ground. These are animations of our distant relatives that roamed Africa for millions of years before us. 

You can see my work in the  new permanent exhibit in CosmoCaixa Museum and discover the cosmos and the evolution of life from the Big Bang to the present day. 

The best part of my work is imagining and bringing to life fantastic, magical worlds inhabited with the ever-changing mixture of creatures.


My illustrations are a small post-apocalitic eco-fantasy of the world that could come to existence. 

Part of my work is commissioned and were included in several private collections. 

My friend wrote a book about beneficial microbes for children and I was so inspired that I started a new project  called ¨Small beings with big intentions¨.

So far I have done viruses, yeasts and mushrooms; and currently working on cyanobacteria and stromatolites


Every day our climate changed world looses 150 species of  animals as a consequence of human activities.


These illustrations of extinct animals are actually realistic temporary tattoos which I did for "Hollywood makeup artists" company, to raise awareness on the importance of nature conservation